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Play it Forward

We are currently in the process of transfering the program to another nonprofit organization.  To find out more information on the Play it Forward program contact Stephanie Briggs at 641-203-2714 or by email


  1. Young people will be required to complete an application that includes providing valid identification and a parental permission form.
  2. The estimated value of the instrument will be stated in an agreement that encourages responsibility for the instrument by the borrower.
  3. Students will be asked to send a thank-you note to the instrument’s donor (if applicable) and to PIF Program.
  4. Borrower must secure a bluegrass mentor in their area who will assist them in learning their instrument and the ettiquette of playing with others in a disciplined musicial environment.

Other Information

  1. PIF will keep a maintenance fee for the instruments and coordinate with the borrowers to make sure the instruments are properly maintained cared for over time.
  2. Each Loan period is for one year with annual renewals encouraged following an inspection of the instrument by the borrower’s sponsor (or mentor) and/or PIF.
  3. Once the borrower is ready to purchase an instrument by themselves, they must return the instrument loaned to them so that the opportunity can be “played forward” to another youth.